What will my first blog be about?It has to hit the Lebanese blogosphere like a meteor, creating a blaze trail of little sparkling stars and sprouting Lilacs in it’s wake… Naaah! I’ll just plain old introduce myself. My name is Rana, and I like to think of myself as a writer. The fact that I do not make a penny out of putting fingers to keypad does not in the least take away from my love for the written (typed?) word.

What else should I say about my blogger character? I’m new to this business of revealing your innermost thoughts to whoever cares to read. As a matter of fact, the whole lack of privacy issue,so organically inherent with being online, has scared me off the blogs for a while now. However, this virtual world with its open windows and thin walls is our new reality, and I’ve decided to immerse myself in it.

Why do I want to blog?Do you know how when a certain social, political, or other issue strikes your attention and you make a mental note “I should write about that”? And then the next day you read a newspaper article or, more relevantly, a blog that discusses the same issue and you go “ya rabbi, I was thinking about this just yesterday”? Well, I have decided to stop thinking to myself and rather to document my thoughts and share them with the other Lebanese or Martians who might find what I write interesting . And so, 2012, you witness the birth of a fledgling.

Let the blabbering begin!

Fresh From the Oven


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  1. 7ayati rana you,ve reminded me of those days when i was leaving you sleeping,and asked my neighbour to look after with tears in my eyes.mymate asked me once where i left you and my tears bearst suddenly into my made me cry dear but i thank god for what you and your brother and sister have come to be.i hope things will change in our country and our governers will be respecting their people more in the future.exuse me if i have some gramatical mistakes for i am not so good in english as you are.kisses to you and to beloved kooki.

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