Yes, It’s This Bad


the sad truth (from

“The power of population is so superior to the power of the earth to produce subsistence for man, that premature death must in some shape or other visit the human race.”
—Malthus T.R. 1798. An essay on the principle of population. Chapter VII, p61

I am not a sociopath.  I just hate and despise how much chaos and imbalance we as a race have brought to this world.

Here’s my point:

When a lion hunts a prey, he eats his fill, leaves the remains behind, and moves on. A hyena that was lurking in the bushes approaches and subsists on the carcass, then moves on. Birds of prey tear away at any flesh left on the bones, and then, they fly away. Ants, lizards, and other insects and reptiles also find nourishment in the leftover flesh and skin. Eventually, the bones rot and decay and return to the womb of the holy mother, Earth.

Thus is the cycle of life in nature. Efficient. Thrifty. Complete. There is no waste, no ‘trash’ and no dumpsters swarming with toxic substances.

Left alone, nature has a system that governs the multiplication and ‘calculated’ existence of all living things. It regenerates itself and it cures itself. If we were to scale the world down to a forest, then in it we would find just enough deer and other prey to feed the predators and yet more of them to keep the deer species in existence.  There would be just enough worms to feed the birds and yet more to ventilate and till the land. There would be just enough diseases to eliminate the weak who compete with the more fit on space and sustenance .

Cue in the species that has run out of control of the natural order of things: human beings.

The population is multiplying even faster than brown algae, and the poorest of us breed themselves literally to death. They procreate herds of hungry, sickly, and miserable little creatures for no obvious evolutionary or utilitarian purpose. In plain words, they bring children to this world and afflict them with poverty only because they like “to do it”.

We have destroyed more than 20% of the Amazon Rainforest, which hosts more than 50.000 species and gives the world a quarter of its oxygen supply. It is now gone forever. Why you may ask? Because room has to be made for agriculture, to feed the gluttonous bellies of the seven billion leeches.

illegal deforestation in brazil (from

We have fought diseases so viciously that the joke has now turned on us: now we are the ones multiplying like cancer cells.
We eat and eat like there is no tomorrow, and we throw away leftovers in trash bags that are cleaned away by half-starving sanitation workers.
We buy the biggest SUV’s that guzzle fuel and paint the skies in death-ridden smog just to spite the neighbors.
We log down forests  and displace animals from their natural habitats only so we could own a country house or build ugly,concrete buildings where we can resume our miserable existence.
We flush our human waste straight down to the sea, along with thousands of chemicals in the form of detergents and cleaners poisoning and killing the dwellers of the sea.

And we’re so egocentric as a race that we truly believe that we’re entitled to all of this destruction. Nature should bow its head and accept this torture.

I accuse you and me and all humans of being the virus that has gone mutant, defying all  possible remedies.

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  1. when I feel things are getting out of control, I go back and watch this video to gain some perspective and realize ‘again’ that we probably don’t really control the fate of the planet

  2. he is funny and charismatic,Mona, and i wish i were able to believe him. of course, the earth has sustained countless injuries and changes, but non of them were man-made like the damage that’s being done today. for example, the amazon rainforest has probably suffered from bouts of drought or floods, but has it ever suffered from systematic logging and cutting down of trees?a treenocide i call it. how can it recuperate from THAT if it will not even EXIST in the first place? i mean, what i saw in this video is pure denial and wishful thinking, someone who is so overwhelmed by worrying about all the woes afflicting the earth that he has finally decided to give it all up and surrender to some higher power, the electron or whatever he called it, hoping that things will just fix themselves “somehow”.
    and by the way, the earth was able to fix itself alright when the population didn’t exceed one billion probably, but will it be able to fix itself, quite miraculously, if we count 7 billion plus? I WISH!

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