Eureka! Or Why We Are Jungle Beasts


I had a Eureka! moment the other day. I had stopped at the pedestrian red light at a crossroads on Hamra, waiting, with my daughter in her stroller, for the light to go green so I can cross over to the other side of the street. Two guys arrived by my side but didn’t stop walking; they confidently kept going, and they were about to pull the famous Lebanese zig-zag maneuver among the stream of cars when they noticed poor’ol me standing there. They took pity on the lady with the baby who couldn’t make it on her own in that jungle, so they invited me to tag along their heroic procession to be able to cross over: “l7a2eena l7a2eena”, Β they said. I raised my voice above the din and assured them that I was waiting for the light to go green.

So this is it then; one of the reasons why the Lebanese do not respect laws is because they view compliance as a sign of weakness, and “feminine” weakness for that matter, and God forbid that a Lebanese male should be accused of such an affliction.


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