Earth Hour Every Single Day


So you sat with the lights turned off for an hour, smartphone in hand of course, reading the tweets of hard-hearted villains who didn’t give a rat’s face for the well being of mother earth. You suffered in silence, and in darkness; that was your contribution to Earth Hour. You gave it an hour of your time and felt you’d paid your dues, you were then able to go back to indulging in all sorts of environmentally irresponsible practices that could be easily avoided. You can easily make everyday Earth Day; I’m not saying that by following the steps below you will save  the earth of all of its calamities, but at least your existence will be lighter.

1. Unless you’d been rolling in a pigsty, a shower that lasts longer than 10 minutes is an obvious case of water-gluttony.

2. Turn off the lights when you leave the room – easy, just a matter of logging the act into your memory.

3. Don’t keep the tap running while you’re brushing your teeth or shaving (ladies and gentlemen).

4. When grocery shopping, don’t buy groceries that come with a free gift that is wrapped in a ton of plastic wrapping and which will  most likely end in the trash along with the wrapping.

5. Fan of hot baths? Don’t forget to turn off the water heater when you’re done showering, and don’t leave it on over night.

6. Recycle the supermarket plastic bags that you put your groceries in by using them as trash bags.

7. If you have a water cooler at home, don’t use plastic cups to drink from it, go for glassware instead.

8. Keep a private mug at work to use instead of plastic or styrofoam cups.

9. Walk! Whenever you can, does both earth and your bum loads of good.

10. If you’re going up to the first, second or even third floor, take the stairs; you’d be saving electricity and burning calories at the same time.

I’m not an environmentalist, but I know that all our actions, regardless how insignificant, do make a difference.


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  1. Nice post! I do 2,3,4,5 and of course! 7&8 but definitely not 9 and 10.. Thanks for reminding me, i’ll try to do it… 🙂

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