Sales Season in Lebanon: Do We Look Like Idiots?



Exactly what do the folks over at Mobilitop think is delightful about their fraudulent “50% sale”?

My husband and I checked a kids’ bedroom at their showroom in Zalka last month, and since we were in a hurry and not really shopping for a bedroom at the time, we just browsed the displayed items and their prices and then left. However, when I received this promotional sms last week announcing “a delightful 50% sale” at Mobilitop, well, we thought we should grab the priceless opportunity (pun intended) presenting itself to us. The room we had kind of liked was at 2400$ VAT included, so naturally, we went to Mobilitop this Sunday expecting it to be at 1200$. But how gullible we were. They had placed a new price tag on the bedroom with an inflated price of 3400$, and discounted the price down to 2400!

I realize that this practice of faux-sale is common in Lebanon, but I used to think that only small shoe-shops and the likes do it; I wasn’t aware that even a big enterprise like this one which advertises its sale season on its website and Facebook page would engage in such a fraudulent campaign that aims to so bluntly deceive customers.

This, ironically, comes in the wake of minister Fadi Abboud’s announcement of  the “50% for 50 days”  shopping festival in an attempt to revive the martyred tourism sector. But the typical Lebanese can’t help but play the 7arbou2 part, digging his own grave in the process. People travel from all over the world to the States, France, and Dubai and queue for hours in front of their favorite stores during the sales season because these discounts are real. Genuine. That’s a word which the Lebanese psyche has yet to learn.


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